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Yield Guild Games Introduces the YGG Reward Vaults

The play-to-earn guild game platform, Yield Guild Games, has announced the launch of its YGG Reward Vaults

The YGG Reward Vaults is established to offer meaningful rewards to active holders of the YGG token. According to the platform, the introduction of this new reward mechanism will further the gaming journey of token holders and help the community to explore new projects and games in the metaverse.

YGG Reward Vaults will only be available to active holders of the YGG token with a Guild Badge. The Rewards will run for 90 days starting from August 1, 2022.

Who are the Active YGG Token Holders?

They include:

  • Recipients of the YGG Community Airdrop
  • Community members that bought YGG tokens through the secondary market from any of the exchanges that listed the YGG tokens
  • Participants of the Guild Advancement Program Season 1 planning to get their rewards on July 28, 2022.

Holders of YGG tokens who possess the YGG Guild Badge can also stake their tokens in one of the two YGG Reward Vaults on Polygon for up to ninety days to get proportional rewards as play-to-earn tokens within the period they deposited their YGG in the reward vault. 

yield guild games

Highlights of the YGG Rewards Vaults

The two vaults where token holders can stake their tokens are Aavegotchi Vault (GHST rewards) and Crypto Unicorns Vault (RBW rewards).

Aavegotch Vault

This is a crypto collectible gaming that partnered with Yield Guild Games where NFT avatars can seamlessly interact in the Aavegotchi Metaverse. Users of this Rewards Vault can stake YGG tokens to earn GHST token rewards.

Suffice to mention that GHST, also known as GHOST, is the primary ecosystem token that allows players to buy different assets, stake, and vote in the DAO.

Crypto Unicorns Vault

This is a digital pet farming and collection simulation game. Users can stake their YGG tokens in this vault to earn RBW (RAINBOW). RBW is a valuable token that allows holders to breed unicorns, buy valuable materials and items, and vote in the DAO.

YGG Reward Vaults launched on Polygon to reduce the entry barrier for participation. By launching on Polygon, users will also have the opportunity to retain most of their rewards instead of using them to pay gas fees.

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