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How to get Alien Worlds (TLM) NFTs

Alien Worlds metaverse is a space exploration gaming platform offering players a digital world with several players where they can mine NFTs. Alien Worlds’ NFTs come as different elements, including Land, Artifacts, Weapons, Avatars, Minions, and Tools.

Users can acquire these NFTs by mining with NFT-powered tools, opening card packs, or purchasing them through the marketplace.

Highlights of Alien Worlds’ NFTs

NFTs remain the core of Alien Worlds’ in-game economy. They come as different assets, which users can acquire and own with their ownership rights. The NFTs users can get in Alien Worlds include the following:

Land NFTs: These are one of the most crucial assets in Alien Worlds. Landowners in the metaverse can do a lot with their assets. The Land can generate Trillium ($TLM) when mined. Owners can also install a commission system to enable other users to mine their land.

Minions NFTs: These NFTs are in-game assets used by players in battles. These Minions have defense and attack ratings. They also have mood modifiers, which affect the specific time they can participate in contests. The mood modifier also affects the power required to use the minions.

Alien worlds

Weapons: As the name suggests, Weapons are battle equipment. Users use them in core fighting games and they possess a set of defensive and attack ratings. Shinier and rarer weapons often have increased stats and are more valuable.

Tools: There are mainly for mining $TLM on Land NFTs. Users can have up to three tools per time and the tool’s efficiency determines the quantity of $TLM tokens you can mine from the land. These NFTs offer users an opportunity to earn various NFTs during mining.

Avatar: There are cosmetic items with in-game utility. Players use Avatars as aesthetics for their assets. They do not offer any special advantage in-game.

How to get Alien Worlds (TLM) NFTs

Getting NFTs is simple. As mentioned earlier, you can get them through pack opening, from the marketplace, and through the NFT Power System. Let’s look at these individually.

Pack Opening: The platform periodically announce Launch Pack Sales, where users can get a card pack. These packs come with various card varieties and the rarities of each card differ from the others.

Marketplace: This is the easiest way of getting Alien Worlds NFTs. You can visit the official marketplace of Alien Worlds to explore, buy, and sell different types of NFTs showcased by players.

Final Thoughts

The game platform allows players to explore different digital players in search of NFTs ($TLM). They get to mine these NFTs and trade them for profits. The TLM is also the governance token, which allows holders to participate in the politics of a planet. They can stake the token to earn profits.

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