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The Sandbox Marketplace Introduces Smurfs NFT Collection

The Sandbox Game is proud to announce that the Smurfs NFT Collection is now available on its marketplace. Like all digital assets, these limited edition non-fungible tokens will have their own experiences in Alpha Season 3. They include Giant Tree Expeditions and Potion’s Land.

Further, users who purchase them will unlock the “Creator Badge” and receive 30 $SAND as additional rewards. These collectibles are not only beneficial in this current edition of gameplay, they will also feature in Season 4.

Assets in the Smurfs NFT Collection

Assets in the Smurfs NFT Collection

There are a wide variety of assets in the Smurfs NFT Collection. Some of these are outlined below:

  • Reptile Smurf: This breed of Smurf drank a potion to improve its hearing. Instead, it covered him with scales and made flies look tasty.
  • Pig Smurf: Wanting to be bigger, this smurf drank a potion to increase its size. The creature ended up with the attributes of a pig instead.
  • Orange Smurf: This avatar was once a regular smurf. However, he suffered a severe headache and drank the first potion he could find. Instead of reliving his problems, his colour changed. However, it is believed that these side effects will go away.
  • Moustache Smurf: He grew a horn and a moustache after toying with some potions. Now, this creature seeks to return to his former self.
  • Green Smurf: Probably the happiest creature within the pack despite turning green. He does not have any worries but hopes people will stop mistaking him for a clover.
  • Smurfette’s Train: This is the primary transportation medium and can take you to your destination in style. However, travellers will pay for the fuel that the vehicle uses.
  • King Smurf’s Castle: Your Smurf deserves the best of dwelling places, and there is none better than the castle.
  • Bowl Mushroom Potion: Made from a particular type of mushroom, a drop from this potion can brighten up the darkest days of any avatar.
  • Viking Smurf Helmet: Although nobody can tell exactly how this helmet came to be, there is no doubt about its abilities. This item sends its wearer into a frenzy and enables them to wrestle with creatures in the forest.
  • Crystal Flower Potion: Give this to your smurf to drink before sleeping and he or she will have only good dreams.

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