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BeFITTER’s Presents Staking for Fitter Pass Season 1 Event   

Following the successful completion of its IDObeFITTER, a web3 fitness and socialfi app, announces another exciting event – Staking for Fitter Pass Season 1. The event is slated to start on July 19 and runs till August 2, 2022.

During this event, FITTERS can visit the newly-released Staking feature on the BeFITTER platform to invest the $FIU amount they are holding to earn juicy returns.

Highlights of the Rules of Staking for Fitter Pass Season 1 

At least a total of 1,000 $FIU will feature in the staking pool and each staker is eligible to get a Fitter Pass. This is a unique ticket that allows holders to skip the duration of the minting cool-down and earn genesis shoe NFTs at no extra cost. It is worth mentioning that the Fitter Pass is a non-tradable non-fungible token.

It can only be used in the beFITTER app. As mentioned, the first phase of the event starts on July 19 where users will get one Fitter Pass for every 20,000 $FIU staked within 24 hours.

The second phase will start on July 22 and entitles participants access to one Fitter Pass each for every 40,000 $FIU staked on the platform within 24 hours. It should be noted that there is a seven-day cool-down that is applied to the staking pool.


Highlights of the Rewards for the Staking Fitter Pass Season 1 Event

After the Staking for Fitter Pass Season 1 event, a Box Auction event will take place where the prizes will be distributed among participants. According to the game platform, the most attractive prizes are reserved for the heaviest investors during the event. 

Stakers that rank number one to ten will get ten Diamond Boxes and the other top forty rankings will get 40 Gold Boxes.

Steps to Participate in the Event

Step One: Burn two Fitter Passes to be eligible for whitelisting.

Step Two: Stake more FIU tokens to get to the top fifty so you can receive one of the rewards. Participants that are not in the top fifty will receive back the number of Fitter Passes they burn.

Irrespective of when you join, you can take more so you can catch up with other participants. Season two will come with richer rewards and it will take place immediately after the first season.

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