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Ftribe Fighters Set to Hold Quadruple IDO on December 20

Ftribe Fighters, one of the first 3D MOBA NFT-based games in the world of blockchain gaming, has announced its quadruple IDO scheduled to take place on December 20, 2021. 

The IDOs have been earmarked to take place on four different platforms, The Dao MakerGameFiRedKite, and Roseon Finance. Ftrible Fighters is a 3D Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game that offers players the opportunity to enjoy free gameplay. 

The game has been created to offer players an NFT gaming metaverse that allows players to immerse themselves in the exhilarating MOBA environment and earn exciting rewards while at it. The Ftribe Fighters’ ecosystem comprises Ftribe Fighters, MOBA game, Defi platforms, NFT Marketplace, and Box Store.

Highlights of the Ftribe Fighters (F2 NFT) Game

The F2 NFT game is a multiplayer online battle arena game that offers players the opportunity to play Solo, PVP, or as a Squad of four. The metaverse offers various planets where players can fight individually and in groups. 

ftribe fighters NFT

Gamers need to develop Combat SkillsSurvival Skills, and Team Work to survive the battle. As players venture through the metaverse that is filled with challenges and rivalries, they are equipped with numerous weapons, accessories, and kits that will work best for them and enable them to conquer the universe. 

All assets and items that they require to fight and survive are available in the Ftribe Fighters’ store. Gamers can purchase these items or lease them through the leasing option at affordable prices. 

Overview of the In-game Currency

The in-game currency in the Ftribe Fighters metaverse is the F2C token. The token will be utilized as the governance token and also used for the payment of in-game equipment and items. It will also be used for other purposes that will be beneficial to players. 

The F2C is also the token for voting for the development of new features as well as the adjustment of in-game parameters for the benefit of players. Members of the Ftribe Fighters can get the F2C token through rewards from special events that are organized and managed by F2 NFT. Additionally, holders of the token can also farm and stake with it to earn more F2C tokens.

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