Faraland Era of Legionnaire PVP Tournament Goes Live
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Faraland Era of Legionnaire PVP Tournament Goes Live

Faraland has launched the Era of Legionnaire PVP Tournament. This new season comes after the recently-concluded Battle of Crystal Contest. While announcing this edition of the competition, the team revealed that there will be new disciplinary measures to stop cheating. There are also changes to the eligibility with regard to user participation.

Recently, Faraland has noticed that certain players have identified several bugs in the game. Instead of reporting these defaults to the team, these individuals exploit them for competitive advantage. As a result, these people undermine the integrity of the game and destabilize a balanced gaming environment. To restore parity, Faraland is taking significant measures to punish offenders and give everyone decent winning chances.

To this effect, players can report those guilty of bug exploitation. Anyone who notices other users using in-game defaults to their unfair advantage should record it via a picture or video. They should submit their evidence to the team for review. If the suspected person is culpable after a thorough investigation, Faraland will deduct 100 ELO from their rating points.

Details of the New Faraland Era of Legionnaire PVP Tournament

Details of the New Faraland Era of Legionnaire PVP Tournament

This edition of the weekly exercise will begin by 16:00 UTC on Monday, the 14th of August. Players have from that date till 18:00 UTC on Monday, the 21st of August. Before the exercise begins, the team will reset the ELO points of all players to 2000. Meanwhile, interested participants must join a guild before the start of the tournament. Failure to do this will result in their ELO getting reset to 2000.

Contestants must also confirm their consent to the Commitment policy of PVP participation fairness. Just as the tournament is coming to a close, Faraland will take a snapshot of guild members by 18:00 UTC on the 21st of August. It is this screenshot that will serve as the reference for rewarding participants. This is because there will be prizes for individual players as well as for guild members.

Below are the prices for guild members who finish in first and second places:

  • 1st place: Dark Ore x210, Arcane Dust x210, Chaos Core x140, Rotten Meat x105, Chaos Oculus x105, Dark Butterfly x35, Aqua Crown x35, Demonic Essence x20, Divine Powder x4 and Soul Stones x2100.
  • 2nd place: Dark Ore x90, Arcane Dust x90, Chaos Core x60, Rotten Meat x45, Chaos Oculus x45, Dark Butterfly x15, Aqua crownx15, Demonic Essence x11, Divine Powder x2 and Soul Stones x900.

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