Illuvium Starts its First-Ever Hunter Series Today
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Illuvium Starts its First-Ever Hunter Series Today


  • Illuvium launches the Illuvial Hunter Series challenge , with the capture of two unique Illuvials.
  • The challenge starts on Thursday, May 9 at 09:45 UTC and lasts 48 hours.
  • Participants must capture Headi and Mjoll within the deadline to be entered into a $ILV 4 draw.

The world of Illuvium prepares for an exciting challenge with the launch of the Illuvial Hunter series.

This special event invites players to embark on a capture mission in the Overworld, searching for two unique Illuvials: Headi, from the Komodo Dragon line, and Mjoll, from the Polar Bear line.

The competition will begin on Thursday, May 9 at 09:45 UTC and will run for 48 hours, giving participants a limited time to demonstrate their skills as Illuvial hunters.

Players will need to make sure to capture at least one example of each Illuvial within the specified period, from 09:45 UTC on May 9 to 09:45 UTC on May 11.

The reward for successfully completing this task is not only the satisfaction of the hunt, but also the chance to enter a drawing for 4 $ILV.

To do this, participants must have captured both Headi and Mjoll within the allotted time.

Giveaway winners will receive the funds directly into their Passport wallets at Immutable.

Illuvium Starts its First-Ever Hunter Series Today

The competition at Illuvium promises to be intense

As players fully immerse themselves in the captivating realm of Illuvium, they will find themselves employing a diverse array of strategies and tactics to ensure the successful capture of these extraordinary and one-of-a-kind creatures.

Participants are encouraged to tap into a wealth of resources available within the Illuvium community, particularly through platforms like the Illuvium Discord community.

Here, a treasure trove of tips and tricks is readily shared among members, serving as invaluable insights to hone and refine their hunting prowess.

Beyond the thrill of competition, Illuvium’s vision extends further.

With the resounding success of this event, Illuvium aims to achieve more than just entertainment for its gaming community.

It aspires to cultivate a spirit of exploration and challenge within its dynamic and thriving virtual ecosystem.

The Illuvial Hunter series is just the beginning of exciting adventures that await Rangers willing to face the challenges of the Overworld.

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