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Illuvium: Arena Presents its Beta 3 v0.3.5


  • The Arena Beta 3 v0.3.5 update of Illuvium: Arena introduces modifications to enhance the game’s pace and user experience.
  • Multiple Illuvials and synergies have been adjusted to increase damage in the game and encourage vertical compositions.
  • Changes in augments aim to diversify gameplay strategies and promote experimentation by players.

The latest update of Illuvium: Arena, known as Arena Beta 3 v0.3.5, has arrived with a series of changes for the game and its users’ experience. In this update, developers have focused on modifying the game’s pace, adjusting multiple augments, and improving Illuvials to offer a more dynamic and exciting gameplay experience.

One of the most notable changes focuses on Illuvials, the game’s protagonist creatures. The main goal of the adjustments made in this area is to increase damage in the game. According to developers, battles were lasting too long, and many rounds ended in overtime. To address this issue, adjustments have been made to various lines of Illuvials, such as Pterodactyl, Sea Scorpion, Thylacine, Beetle, Shoebill, among others. These adjustments aim to facilitate confrontation against defensive compositions and encourage players to use vertical compositions.

Refining Player Experience in Illuvium

In addition to changes in Illuvials, significant improvements have been made to the game’s synergies. The goal is to reward players for fully committing to a synergy by strengthening the final thresholds of many affinities and classes. This will allow the creation of multiple vertical compositions and enhance the legendary synergy augments. However, not all synergies have received the same treatment. While some, such as Water and Fire, have been strengthened in their final threshold. Others like Earth and Nature have seen adjustments in intermediate thresholds to maintain game balance.

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Augments have also undergone changes in this update. Adjustments have been made to make the initial stages more attractive, and the values of those that were too weak or strong have been adjusted. These changes aim to diversify gameplay strategies and encourage experimentation by players.

In addition to game modifications, developers have introduced improvements to the user interface. Including a new Tooltips interface and enhancements to the Hyper interface for greater visual clarity. Several gameplay bugs have also been fixed, such as issues with the undo function, connectivity errors, and sound problems.

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