Axie Infinity Origins Season 7 Final Era Starts Today
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Axie Infinity Origins Season 7 Final Era Starts Today


  • Origins Season 7 Final Era in Axie Infinity offers $641,000 in rewards for the top 20,000 players and new features to level up and enhance axies.
  • Axie Infinity launches Final Era of Origins Season 7 with a huge prize pool, AXP boosters, runes, charms, and a collectible leaderboard system.
  • How to compete and earn in Axie Infinity Origins Season 7 Final Era with hybrid rewards, increased AXP cap and emissions, mystery boxes, and summer axies.

The much-awaited Origins Season 7 Final Era in Axie Infinity kicks off today. Spanning seven days, the season boasts a prize pool of 22,050 AXS and 16,030,667 SLP, roughly equivalent to $262,000. This season brings a host of thrilling updates. 

A highlight is the Hybrid Leaderboard reward system. Now, both AXS and SLP tokens will be granted to the top 20,000 leaderboard finishers, totaling around $641,000 in rewards for this era. This initiative is designed to give more players the chance to compete and earn within the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

Players of Axie Infinity will see a rise in the daily AXP cap per Axie in Origins. A new formula, dependent on the axie’s level, will increase the AXP cap, giving players a quicker path to level up their cherished Axies. Plus, AXP emissions in the Arena have been amplified, yielding more rewards as players ascend the ranks.

A significant new feature in the Origins Shop is the AXP Booster. Offered in three durations – 8 hours, 7 days, and 30 days – these boosters provide a 40% AXP gain boost, greatly speeding up AXP accumulation. Collectible axies receive an additional AXP flat bonus when AXP Boosters are activated.

Axie Infinity Origins Collectible Leaderboard System

Axie Infinity Origins Season 7 Final Era Starts Today

The Origins Shop plans to launch Runes and Charm boxes to boost Axie’s power. These mystery boxes, which can be bought with Gems, will be available mid-season, allowing players to obtain potent enhancements for their Axies. Origins Season 7 debuts a Collectible Leaderboard system, rewarding devoted collectors. 

Separate leaderboards for collectible Axie holders offer a season prize pool of 4,000 AXS. Points are earned based on ranked wins and collectible bonuses, fostering a captivating competition for collectors. For the first time in Origins, Summer axies are now reward-eligible. Summer axie collectors can earn extra AXS rewards, promoting inclusivity for new collectors. 

The Axie Infinity community is eager to embark on the long-awaited Final Era as the Rare Era of Season 7 concludes. With a substantially larger prize fund, incentives for crafting materials, and major changes to enhance player engagement, this season is set to be a thrilling journey.

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