MOBOX Launched 600 ETH Airdrop to MODragon Hodlers
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MOBOX Launched 600 ETH Airdrop to MODragon Hodlers


  • MOBOX shows gratitude with a 600 ETH airdrop for MODragon hodlers.
  • “Dragon’s Flame” brings with it exciting events, including the burning ceremony for MODragons and the rebirth in Dragonverse NEO.
  • Dragonverse NEO promises a 3D virtual world with dynamic gameplay features and a sustainable economy.

MOBOX, an online gaming platform, has revealed an exciting event aimed at giving back to its community of MODragon Hodlers.

This announcement comes as a token of gratitude for the constant support the community has provided since the inception of MOBOX.

Titled “Dragon’s Flame: Echoes of Prosperity,” this event series promises exciting surprises and opportunities for Dragonverse enthusiasts.

The first phase of this extraordinary event is a 600 ETH airdrop for MODragon Hodlers.

This airdrop is based on a snapshot taken on Arbitrum, which will determine holders eligibility to receive this generous reward.

Prizes will be distributed based on the proportion of total dragon power each holder possesses, and are expected to arrive at eligible addresses on March 4, 2024.

In addition to the airdrop, MOBOX anticipates that there is more to come

The second phase, known as “The Burning Ceremony for MODragons & Gems & Stones”, has not yet been detailed, but is expected to be another exciting event within the Dragon’s Flame series.

MOBOX's 600 ETH Airdrop for MODragon Hodlers

The third phase, “MODragon’s Re-born in Dragonverse NEO”, promises to be especially exciting, as it involves the rebirth of the beloved MODragons in a new 3D virtual world called Dragonverse NEO.

This world, based on BTC L2, will offer dynamic gaming features, a sustainable token economy, and an inclusive open economy.

The announcement concludes with a note of thanks to the community for their support over the years.

MOBOX is committed to continuing to offer exciting events as they release Dragonverse NEO and hopes users will stay tuned for future updates.

All followers are urged to turn on notifications so as not to miss any updates on this exciting journey.

MOBOX has launched a series of exciting events under the name Dragon’s Flame to give back to its community of MODragon Hodlers.

With a 600 ETH airdrop as the first step, followed by exciting additional phases, this announcement promises exciting news for Dragonverse enthusiasts around the world.

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