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Wanaka Farm Announces Staking Pool V2 Scheme Launch

The multiplayer NFT-based game metaverse, Wanaka Farm, has announced the opening of its Staking Pool V2 scheme. The event, which has a fixed and sustainable APR of up to 25% comes with lots of huge in-game rewards for all stakers.

The goal of the new staking pool is to extend the APR percentage into multi-levels, depending on the amount and time of staking. According to Wanaka Farm, APR is fixed, irrespective of the number of people that starts after you.

Highlights of Staking APR and Reward Scheme

Stakers have up to 180 days of staking and the staking periods cover Pool I to Pool IV. The staking rewards are categorized into 30 days, 90 days, and 180 days, with 180 days having the highest rewards. For Pool 1, the rewards for the three periods are 9%, 11%, and 15%, respectively. 

wanaka farm

In addition to the 15% for 180 days of staking, stakers also get five Rolly Pet Eggs each month during the staking period. The highlights of the other Pool stages over a staking period of 30 days, 90 days, and 180 days are enumerated below, respectively:

  • Pool II: 12%, 16% plus 5 Random Talpa Pet Egg each month, and 19% plus top ten stakers get a Landbox each.
  • Pool III: 15%, 20% plus 3 Random Landbox each month, and 23% plus top fifteen stakers get a Landbox each.
  • Pool IV: 15% plus a Rolly Pet Egg, 22% plus an Incubator, and 25% plus top twenty stakers get a Landbox and an incubator each.

More Details about the Staking Pool V2 Event

It is recommended that stakers check the official staking website of Wanaka Farm for more information on the different Pool stages and staking periods. It is worth mentioning that the snapshot for the staking activities will be taken at the end of each staking month for a lucky draw starting from July until December

The snapshot for the lucky draw will be done on December 31 and the prizes will be deposited into the Wallets of participants at the end of the staking contract. It is worth emphasizing that the new staking pool APR is fixed for all stakers during the staking contract period. However, the formula will gradually reduce with time.

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