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BovineVerse Set to Hold Fraternity & Sorority Beta Invite Party

Following the successful launch of the public beta launch of its Interstellar Rangeland game, the metaverse gaming platform, BovineVerse, is set to hold a special event – Fraternity and Sorority Beta-Invite Party. This is an Invite-to-Earn party to reward the support of its users.

The event is designed to allow OG gamers to earn bonuses when they invite their friends to Beta. Season 1 of the Invite Party is open to only whitelist users that have been selected according to the snapshot of their in-game activity.

Of course, new players will also be eligible to claim some juicy in-game assets when they complete the required tasks. The Fraternity & Sorority Beta Invite Party will take place at 12:00 pm UTC on July 18, 2022, after the end of the public beta. 

Details of the Fraternity & Sorority Beta Invite Party

The prize pool for this event is worth 20,000 USDT and only whitelist users are qualified to participate in the first phase of the event. These users can refer others to this event and share out of the prize pool of 20,000 USDT.

It is worth mentioning that each referrer is only allowed to earn a maximum of 50 USDT during the campaign to ensure fairness to all participants. For every valid invite, the referrer will receive 5U after completing the required tasks within the game.


Highlights of the Referral Program

As mentioned, whitelist users have been chosen based on the snapshot of their in-game activity. Each whitelist user is eligible to invite as many friends as they can to the BovineVerse play-to-earn Interstellar Rangeland game.

Each invite qualifies the whitelist user to get a bonus of 5 USDT. New users can also get a gift pack via the event page. For an invite to be valid, a new user is required to first confirm his address as the referral and also complete 5 in-game tasks

Guide for the Fraternity & Sorority Beta Invite Party

  • Each new user should first enter the referral address and click the “Confirm” button. Without the submission of the referral address, completed tasks will not be counted. 
  • Next, complete the listed five tasks on Entries. You will see the “check” sign after completing the task transaction
  • Each referrer will receive a maximum of 50 USDT in bonus.
  • After completing the tasks, a new player can claim the gift pack on the invite page

Task for New Users to Complete

  • Feed a minimum of two baby cattle to adult
  • Earn a specific amount of BVT from battling or milking
  • Be sure of the amount of BVT for Guild Contribution
  • Upgrade to a minimum of level 3 in Tech Tree
  • Farm/Rangeland level up to 2

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