Metacasa Public Beta Test
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Metacasa Public Beta Test Goes Live

The United States of Mars and its native token Radio Caca proudly announce the Metacasa metaverse public beta test. This product is the latest addition to the USM world. It is built on the BNB blockchain and is accessible via a mobile smartphone. This update comes after the launch of the Jaz Network by RACA.

Speaking of the trial edition, gave insights as to what to expect. In his statement, he revealed that this virtual world would support Universal NFT Integration. This implies users can incorporate static Profile Pictures (PFP), Game Characters, Music NFTs, Sports NFTs and Art NFTs. The only requirement is that it must be compatible with the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 networks.

Here are his comments:

We view NFTs as more than just game characters or artwork. They drive all aspects of gameplay and stat tracking in Metacasa. NFTs will be used to their full potential in Metacasa. Like in real life, your pets, 2D houses, and other tools can now be represented by NFTs. NFTs in Metacasa will even unlock a custom visual experience.

Details of Metacase Public Beta Test

The Metacasa public beta test went live on the 17th of July 2022. Following the lunch, users can access this 2D metaverse via the official website. Once you access the site, you will be assigned a character and a random number that will identify as your username. Inside the game, you can surf every corner of this virtual world via your computer or phone.

The team is encouraging users to participate in the gameplay and learn to understand how it works. This will give them a head start over newbies when the main version is available. Participants should also report any glitches they notice while playing.

While making the announcement, USM did not state the period during which the process will continue. However, the press release did mention that this innovation will be integrated with the Metamon game. It will also be compatible with the 3D USMverse and other products.

Jaz Network Records 171,000 Wallet Transaction

Jaz Network Records 171,000 withdrawals

To create a wholesome ecosystem, Radio Caca launched its blockchain – Jaz. It is an Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible with all layer one platforms and EVM-based sidechains. This was released on the 6th of June. However, there was also an internal test by developers on the 22nd of June. The records also show that transaction fees are controlled, costing a meagre $0.0025

Within the first 30 days of its emergence, more than 171,016 wallets have connected to it. In addition, there have also been more than 321,084 transactions done on the network. In addition, users have also activated 205 nodes, while ensuring the network maintains its 90-nodes security. Speaking of which, the majority of these nodes are in Southeast Asia, Europe and North America. However, there are still a few other scattered across the globe.

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