Update from PlayMining For SOUL Fusers Project Suspension
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Update from PlayMining For SOUL Fusers Project Suspension

Soul Fusers was a great blockchain game project by PlayMining, a company that creates games and digital art using blockchain. The game lets players fuse their souls with characters and explore a fantasy world.

However, the project has been put on hold due to issues that could not be resolved.

Reason Behind Suspending Soul Fusers

According to the official remarks by PlayMining, the main reason for Soul Fusers not being online was the problems in making a stable and secure system. The game needs a high level of security and growth, as it has transactions of digital assets and personal data.

However, the existing blockchains could not meet these needs, and making a new platform from scratch would take too much time and assets.

Issues with Gameplay

PlayMining also has issues in offering a gameplay that is great for Soul Fusers. The game had a complex system of soul fusion, character options, and world exploration, and that needs a lot of testing and feedback.

However, due to the pandemic and the limited number of testers, PlayMining could not get enough data and ideas to improve the game.

What Playmining Says about the Future for Soul Fusers

What Playmining Says about the Future for Soul Fusers

PlayMining has not given up on the idea of Soul Fusers just yet. The platform says that it will continue to work and come up with new tech and solutions for the system. It is also grateful for fans and supporters of Soul Fusers and says they will bring better products in the future.

Refunds Offer and Method

PlayMining also says that it will refund all purchases to users who were in the Soul Fusers pre-sale campaign. The refund process will start on October 10, 2021, and will be done in the PlayMining Wallet app.

Users will need to submit their refund requests through the app, and they will receive their refunds. They will get it in the same currency that they used for the purchase.

Payments to NFT Holders

The platform will also give some payment to the users who joined the Soul Fusers pre-sale campaign. Users can exchange their Soul Fusers NFTs for other NFTs from PlayMining’s other games, such as JobTribes and DEAPLands.

They will also get bonus DEPs, which is their own cryptocurrency that can be used to get services and rewards.

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