Axie Infinity is Renewed with the Return of SLP and Exciting News
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Axie Infinity launches Premium Cursed Coliseum and big updates

Axie Classic, the popular mode of the Axie Infinity game , has received an exciting update that brings with it the return of SLP (Smooth Love Potion) through the long-awaited Premium Cursed Coliseum.

This new addition promises to take the excitement to new levels, allowing players to pay with SLP to join the Premium Cursed Colosseum and compete for their share of SLP rewards, which can reach up to 3,000 SLP for a successful run.

Most notable is the innovative SLP burning mechanism: a fraction of the entry fee to the Premium Cursed Coliseum will be removed, thus helping to control the supply of SLP in the in-game economy.

The remaining portion of this fee will feed the Classic Growth Fund, intended to fund rewards and maintain the sustainability of the game.

This “bottom line to burn” approach marks an important milestone in Axie Classic, introducing a new dynamic to balance the internal economy.

Additionally, players can now show off their unique personality in the arena with new stickers available in the Axie Classic Shop.

These stickers, purchasable with gold earned in-game, activate automatically at key moments, such as critical hits, axie victories and defeats.

The introduction of these stickers not only adds a personal touch to the gaming experience, but also offers a new form of visual communication between players.

Competition reaches new heights in Axie Infinity with Grand Tournament 2

A special tournament announced, where participants have a chance to win great prizes, including 1,250 AXS and 3 Radiant Spirit Shells.

This tournament takes place in phases, with each phase featuring unique challenges and gold rewards for outstanding participants.

The competition is fierce, and only the most skilled will emerge as champions.

In an effort to improve the economy and give players more opportunities to accumulate valuable resources, the rewards in gold chests have been adjusted.

Gold Chests now contain significantly larger amounts of gold, and a new common chest has been added to the rewards rotation, providing even more variety.

This exciting set of updates reinforces Axie Classic’s position as a vibrant and dynamic mode within the Axie Infinity universe.

Players are invited to participate in the Premium Cursed Coliseum, explore the diversity of stickers in the Axie Classic Shop, and compete in Grand Tournament 2 to prove who the true masters of the arena are.

Axie Classic continues to evolve, offering players exciting new experiences and challenges with every update.

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