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Mines of Dalarnia Land Sale Ready to Launch

Mines of Dalarnia, a free-to-play blockchain-based action-adventure game platform mining, has announced the next round of its land sale. Interested participants will have the opportunity to own a piece of the Mines of Dalarnia lands, which comes with numerous benefits. 

The event is slated to start on December 27 where participants can begin to deposit for the mining process. To participate in the Mines of Dalarnia land sale, you must deposit 100 DAR at the commencement of the event on December 27. The game platform has also announced that the Snapshots event will start on January 10, 2022, and ends on January 16.

What is the Mines of Dalarnia?

Mines of Dalarnia is one of the best free-to-play, action-adventure blockchain games where players mine and integrate different in-game items. Players must improve their skills and competence while gearing to unlock the highly rewarding MoD universe secrets

While at it, they must fight enemies and search for rare artifacts and relics, which are some of the rewards they get for their efforts. Players can explore the dark, unknown mine to collect minerals and utilize the same to upgrade their characters through mining character attributes and equipment. 

mines of dalarnia NFT

The game is undoubtedly packed with adventure and action where players have to combine dungeon crawling and combats across the Mines of Dalarnia as the game delivers an exceptional genre of fun experience like none other.


The Mines of Dalarnia is truly owned by users and players. All in-game actions and items are registered and stored on the blockchain with DEX governance. It is a play-to-earn game where players get to collect rare minerals and upgrade their equipment. They also get to compete and earn rewards for their activities in the metaverse. 

The game platform features vibrant economic incentives that support sustainability and growth. Users can explore the open market to exchange and trade their NFTs and lucrative rewards for land ownership in the game universe. The Mines of Dalarnia platform features different worlds where players have the freedom to explore and capture its abundant resources. 

These worlds include Darkness, Ice, Lava, and Terra. The game is currently available for desktops but in subsequent months, the mobile game version will be released to the public. Additionally, additional gameplay will be added with a planetary storyline in the coming months.

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