Join the SIDUS New Asterally Race and Share From the $50,000 Prize Pool
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Join the SIDUS New Asterally Race and Share From the $50,000 Prize Pool

SIDUS Heroes has launched the New Asterally Race in collaboration with Binance. The game is offering players the chance to join an interstellar space adventure and receive rewards. This exercise will take place on Telegram. While making this announcement, the team also shared instructions on how to join this event.

Details of the SIDUS New Asterally Race

This competition will begin on the 5th of October and continue till the 19th of October. Within this period, players will engage in a racing contest through space. To make things more interesting, the game is adding planetoids to the exercise. Participants will have to navigate through asteroid fields successfully to finish in the top positions.

Contestants can either dodge these space rocks or shoot them to proceed. To do the latter, players will have to purchase and install a gun on their aircraft. Meanwhile, users will have to buy a gun kit instead of a single gun. A gun kit costs 22,000 $SIDUS and contains the following:

  • Laser guns: they fire lasers that bore a hole in an asteroid.
  • Blasters: mounted on the wings of a spaceship and shoot lines of projectiles.
  • Rocket Launchers: releases missiles that can either deal significant damage or destroy an entire asteroid.

To purchase a gun kit, players must migrate their $SIDUS tokens from the Ethereum to the Binance Smart Chain. After migrating the tokens, copy the order and paste it into the browser on your Metamask Wallet. Once you complete the payment, the NFT will be deposited into your wallet.

How to Join This Competition

Details of the SIDUS New Asterally Race

To join the SIDUS New Asterally Race, go to the Asterally Telegram Bot and click on “START.” The bot will redirect you to a race where you will begin your qualifiers. To be eligible for the tournament, you must achieve a score of 45 seconds or better.

After gaining access to the competition, try to finish in the top places in the races to rank in the top 1,000 positions. This is because only those who finish in those places on the leaderboard will share from the $40,000 worth of $SIDUS prize pool.

Meanwhile, the rewards will only be given after the contest ends. Sidus Heroes will announce the winners on its Official Telegram Channel. Distribution will take place via the Binance Smart Chain, Anyone who finishes in the top ranks visit the Asterally Bot and click on “Enter Wallet” to claim their rewards.

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