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Cardalonia Releases Metaverse Development Update #2

A web3 play-to-earn game on Cardano, Cardalonia, has released its latest metaverse development update. The update focuses on the development progress of the game platform and covers the ISPO update and metaverse map update.

Highlights of the ISPO Update

According to Cardalonia, its team is finished with the development of the ISPO page and it is currently live. Players can stake their ADA tokens and earn rewards. With the new update, users can calculate the potential $LONIA rewards they can earn using the newly designed rewards page.

Also, the game platform has made the tracking of ISPO rewards easier for users. All a user has to do is enter their stake address on the ISPO dashboard, and they will see the $LONIA rewards they have accumulated so far over each epoch.

Cardalonia also mentioned it has added a summary of the $LONIA pool stats to give users insights into the details. According to the game platform, more than 2 million ADA are delegated into the ISPO Pool. 

The first 200 delegators with at least 5000 ADA in the LONIA stake pool are eligible for the Cardalonia NFT airdrops. The platform mentioned the ISPO will be active for 50 Epochs or until it exhausts the allocated ISPO tokens.


Highlights of the Metaverse Map Update

Cardalonia revealed its team will start the development of the integration of the wallet connect feature to its map. It will also allow Landholders to view their plots of Land on the map. The platform reiterates that its land sale is still ongoing, and interested buyers can participate to obtain plots.

Suffice it to mention that the Land Sale started on October 20 and will last for 15 days. There are 13,960 parcels of Cardalonia Land available for the ongoing sale round, and users with at least 7000 ADA can participate in the Land sale.

It is also worth mentioning that interested participants can buy multiple plots. The only limitation is per transaction. Buyers can only transact 20 NFTs per transaction, which is 500 ADA.

More about Cardalonia

Cardalonia is a play-to-earn game platform allowing players to own, build, and customize their experiences and entertainment on the Cardano Blockchain. According to the game platform, it is on a mission to create a new Metaverse experience users will love on the Cardano Blockchain.

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