Gucci Vault in The Sandbox
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Gucci Vault Opens in The Sandbox

Gucci Vault is opening up in The Sandbox. Following this launch, players will enjoy an immersive experience and complete quests to earn rewards. They will participate in raffles to unlock digital collectibles and tokenized prizes over 2 weeks. While the benefits are exciting, interested participants must meet specific requirements before joining this campaign.

Besides this event, Gucci is dropping its first digital collection inΒ The Sandbox Marketplace. There are 8 collectibles in this drop. Players can obtain these NFTs from 1 PM on the 27th of October 2022.

Details of Gucci Vault Experience in The Sandbox

Gucci Vault will debut on The Sandbox on the 27th of October 2022. Once the experience drops, players can navigate through dedicated lands to experience Gucci’s experimental concept of the past, present and future. This event will run till the 9th of November 2022. Over these 2 weeks, 10,000 lucky players will share the prize pool of 500,000 $SAND.

Users must hold at least 1 Gucci Vault Box and have a verified Sandbox account to participate in this event. Participants will get 1 Gucci Vault Box for completing each quest. Finishing all 5 ensures that you collect the maximum rewards. You must collect as many boxes as possible. This is because they increase your chances of winning the Raffle.

Gucci Vault Collectibles The Sandbox

As mentioned earlier, there will be a collection drop alongside this experience. Below are the NFTs associated with the Gucci Vault experience in The Sandbox:

  • Safe: The Gucci Vault Safe s a true collector’s asset for spring rare items.
  • GCC-VLT Statue: This is the equivalent of Michelangelo’s David.
  • Giant Chessboard: Whether you are a chess fan or not, acquiring this digital asset is a good move.
  • Bag: This is more than just a carrier for your items. The bag allows you to take the Gucci Vault everywhere.
  • Car: With the Car, you can tour the Gucci Vault Lands better and faster.
  • Personal Computer (PC): Remember that this experience infuses the past, present and future. This device brings it to your fingertips.
  • Skate Rail: Everyone loves a bit of fun, which is no different in the Gucci Vault Lands. This rail ensures that your skating lands differently.
  • Hat: This is not just a clothing accessory. The Gucci Vault Hat is an attitude.

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