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Learn More About Chain of Legends NFT Heroes

Chain of Legends recently issued a breakdown of its NFT Heroes. Players can use the skills of these avatars when embarking on different adventures. In addition, their abilities determine your chances of emerging victorious in battle

Besides the animated soldiers, Chain of Legends also shared more insight into different aspects of gameplay. This includes the benefits players will earn from mining cycles, dungeons, troop captivity, and other aspects of gameplay.

What are the Various Aspects of Gameplay?

If you want to join the Chain of Legends adventure, here are the different modes you can engage in.

  • Dungeons: This is a PVE mode consisting of 8 types of Dungeons that have 8 difficulty levels. Higher difficulty entails better rewards.
  • Treasure Islands: Unlike Dungeons, players face each other in duels. The winner is the first to occupy the island and extract its resources. You can choose to invade the person and fight over the treasures.
  • Troop Captivity: This involves winning a battle and forcing them to fight alongside your troops. Each one has specific chances of capturing different characters.

The Different Chain of Legends NFT Heroes

There are different Chain of Legends NFT Heroes. This includes their various features and abilities so players can make informed choices.

  • Warrior: Barracks Level 1, 200 HP, 100 Armour, 50 Physical Damage, 1 Attack Range, and requires 100 XP to reach Level 2. Warriors help you win the battle of Dungeon D1.
  • Archer: Barracks Level 2, 120, HP, 30 Armour, 40 Physical Damage, 2 Attack Range, requires 100 XP to reach level 2 and offers +1 attack bonus from level 3. Archers provide long-range support to ground troops during different battles.
  • Guardian:  Barracks Level 3, 300 HP, 200 Armour, 40 Physical Damage, 1 Attack Range, and requires 100 XP to reach level 2. Meanwhile, these avatars offer 30 more Team Armor Aura. They offer extra protection to your troops when on different quests. However, your allies will lose the armor buff if the enemies take out your Guardian.
  • Knight: Barracks Level 4, 400 HP, 150 Armour, 100 Physical Damage, 1 Attack Range, and requires 100 XP to reach level 2. Knight offers that cutting edge to your army.
  • Mage: Barracks Level 5, 100 HP, 20 Armor, 50 Magical Damage, 3 Attack Range and requires 100 XP to reach level 2. The mage offers your team an additional 30 Magical Resistance Aura to your team. This sorceress also offers an additional bonus attack range from level 3 onwards. However, ensure to protect her from the enemies. This is because your allies lose the magical buff if she perishes.
  • Catapult: Barrack Level, 500 HP, 300 Armor, 150 Physical Damage, 4 attack range, and requires 100 XP to reach level 2. Meanwhile, you get an additional attack range after Level 3.

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