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Splinterlands Releases Details of its New Art Contest Week

The blockchain-backed trading card game, Splinterlands, has released details of its weekly competition, Splinterlands Art Contest. According to the game platform, it has updated some of its guidelines and rules because of issues with multi-account usage and plagiarism.

Henceforth, participants can expect stricter measures on some of the game’s expectations. However, the team encourages every interested participant to give the contest a shot and release their creativity.

Highlights of the Updated Terms and Conditions for Splinterlands Weekly Art Contest

Participants can submit different creative works, including drawings, paintings, comics, digital art, and logos.

They can also present new card ideas, blog dividers and footers, sculpture, mixed media art, needlework, dolls, cited & sourced mashups, and computer-generated art. Players can submit any creative work, even if it is not included in the list.

What are the Rules of Submission?

Participants can only post their creations on their Hive Accounts. It is worth mentioning that the team will send the winning packs to the account submitted for the contest. Splinterlands reiterates that the entries must your original art, as it will not tolerate any plagiarism.

You must cite all sources of all unoriginal and inspirational materials used for the creation. Participants who fail to reference sources that are not originally theirs will be muted in the Splinterlands community.splinterlands game

They will also be excluded from all future participation and curation. Additionally, creativity is an integral yardstick for selecting winners. Therefore, tracing or copying cards of already existing art will significantly reduce your chance of winning.

Individuals must describe the specific character or card they are using for inspiration. Also, they must demonstrate some steps used in their creative process. You must highlight your original work and state the facts about your work.

Highlights of Other Requirements for the Art Contest

Each account must submit only one entry. Using multiple accounts in the contest will result in being muted in the Splinterlands community and a possible ban from future contests.

When submitting your artwork, do not embed your link. Instead, post the URL of your artwork post in the comment of the contest post. Also, add a picture to the link in the comment. Submitting photoshopped collages is considered unoriginal and less creative, and it will reduce your chances of winning.

The game platform will distribute the prizes a few days after releasing the contest results. The deadline for submission is January 14, 2023, AT 5:00 pm CST. The winners of the event will share 10 Booster Packs.

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