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Faraland’s Equipment Dismantlement Feature is Now Live

The multiplayer RPG NFT-based game on BSC, Faraland, has announced the launch of its Equipment Dismantlement. This is a new and exciting feature. It will enable players to dismantle their unused equipment for valuable materials.

Players can also fragment their equipment into several basic materials with little profit in Blacksmith Experience.

How Equipment Dismantlement Feature Works

Currently, players will only be able to dismantle Common and Uncommon items of the 3 tiers. To launch the Dismantling process, they must first connect their wallet at Faraland.io. Next, they should access their wallet and click on the “Dismantle” button.

From the next page, they will need to select their preferred item type and quantity and then click the “Approve NFT” button.

Finally, they must confirm the transaction to complete the process. It is worth mentioning that the Dismantling feature is free to use. However, users must pay the gas fees to complete the process.faraland

What More to know about the Equipment Dismantling Feature

According to Faraland, the items’ details also have a “Dismantle” option with a similar selection interface. There are different materials players can receive from Equipment Dismantling, and each comes with a specific tier and rarity.

As mentioned, users can only dismantle Common and Uncommon items. Materials that can be regained from the process are Arcane Dust and Dark Ore. The rarity and tier of the item determine the number of materials you can regain.

Uncommon item of 3-tier receives 35 Dark Ore and 35 Arcane Dust. It is also worth noting that the Dismantling Energy also varies from rarity to rarity and from tier to tier. Users should also note that 100 Dismantling Energy is equal to one Blacksmith EXP.

Participants can visit the official Faraland website to explore this feature. However, they must first connect their wallet before performing any transaction.

More Information about Faraland

Faraland is an innovative RPG strategy war game available on iOS and Android. It is built on the blockchain by MoonKnight Labs. The game offers players the freedom to control characters from seven races – Humans, Elves, Orcs, Dragonborns, Angels, Demons, and Fairies.

Faraland combines gaming experience with NFT technology where all available NFTs are exclusively digital collectibles built with blockchain technology. 

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