Gala Games Announces Rep Node License Sale
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Gala Games Announces Rep Node License Sale

Gala Games is set to offer its Rep Node License for sale to dedicated members of its communities. This exercise will feature both an early access and a general sale. More so, this merchandising event is part of the process of building a valuable ecosystem around this project. It will also help the team actualize the area of decentralization.

On their own part, individuals who obtain these nodes will receive significant incentives. For example, this system enables people to create private web3 social media networks. In addition, they will also receive passive rewards when players use their node for minting NFTs or completing other on-chain actions.

Even better, people do not need to possess advanced computer skills in order to run a node. Nevertheless, each node must be operated from an individual machine. Should one person decide to run multiple nodes on the same computer, they will need to use a Virtual Private Server solution.

Details of the Gala Games Rep Node License Sale

Details of the Gala Games Rep Node License Sale

Gala Games will be launching the general sale on Monday the 4th of September. There will be 5,000 units available for sale, and each one will sell for $2,500.  However, there is a special sale for individuals on the allowlist. This private sale will begin on Friday, the 1st of September. Moreover, only Founder’s Node operators and Gala Gold members will get access to this presale.

Furthermore, these individuals will get a 20% discount if they purchase a node before 12:00 PM PT on the 4th of September. Gold Member and Founder’s Node Operators who miss out on this opportunity will have to pay the full price of $2,500. Meanwhile, anyone who wants to get a discount can purchase a Gala Gold lifetime membership for $100.

There are only 5,000 units available in the Gala Games Rep Node License Sale. Those who participate in the private sale will get priority access. Anyone who wants to join the general sale will obtain whatever is left from the presale. Meanwhile, there are no limits as to how many nodes one person can purchase.

While the team is offering 5,000 nodes for sale at the moment, the network will require more operators as the system expands. Therefore, there will be subsequent sales. However, there are chances that future offerings may come in shorter supply and higher prices.

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