The Sandbox Hosts Deadfellaz Game Jam - Design Epic Boss Battles
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The Sandbox Hosts Deadfellaz Game Jam – Design Epic Boss Battles

The Sandbox is holding an exciting new game jam in collaboration with Deadfellaz! Participants will use the Game Maker to design intense boss battles inspired by the Deadfellaz universe. Show off your skills and claim great rewards!

The jam theme is to create games focused on boss fight mechanics. Developers should take inspiration from the characters and world of Deadfellaz to design the battles.

Why Join The Sandbox Game Jams?

There are many great reasons to participate in the game jam. You can win awesome prizes like SAND tokens, LAND NFTs, and funding opportunities to further develop your game. It’s also a chance to gain valuable exposure and feedback from other creators.

The short timeline lets you build up your profile as a skilled game dev. Also, you can improve your skills using the Game Maker tool in the process. Plus, you’ll get to connect with fellow creators and potentially collaborate with them!

Awesome Prizes Up for Grabs

1st place will get 10,000 SAND + 1 LAND + 1 Deadfellaz NFT, 2nd place will get 6,000 SAND + 1 LAND and 3rd place will get 3,500 SAND + 1 LAND. Devs who land 4th-10th place will get 1,500 SAND + 1 LAND each.

Additionally, there is a category of prizes for Honorable Mention, Rising Star, and Best Newcomer – each of those winning 1,000 SAND. Also, Deadfellaz may publish some games on their own LAND too!

Why Join The Sandbox Game Jams?

Important Event Dates

Submission deadline for games is September 17th, 3PM UTC. The judging period will be between September 18th – October 20th, and the Live Awards Show will be on October 21st, 7 PM UTC on Twitch.

How to Submit Your Entry

Submitting your boss battle game has two steps. First, you’ll need to upload it to the Sandbox Game Maker Drafts Gallery. Then fill out the submission form fully.

Also, remember to test fully before the deadline, as no updates can be made after submitting. Fix all issues before you enter your voxel combat experience!

Rules and Judging Criteria

There are important rules around requirements for the software version, creation date, playability, length, themes, assets, and original content. Be sure to check them out on the game platform.

Entries will be judged on criteria like creative idea, level design, game design, playability, and wow factor. So, bring your best boss battle ideas that utilize the Game Maker in exciting ways!

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