Lucky Farmer Medal Ranking Event With a 50,000 $DEP Prize Pool
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Lucky Farmer Medal Ranking Event With a 50,000 $DEP Prize Pool

Lucky Farmer is launching the Medal Ranking Event. Players will be opportune to earn significant rewards as they score points and climb up the ratings. More so, participants can also increase the prizes if they meet certain conditions. This announcement comes just after the completion of the Ver1.4.7 update.

Details of the Lucky Farmer Medal Ranking Event

The Medal Ranking Event will go live by 14:00 (UTC+8) on the 4th of September. Once it is time, the team will open a new leaderboard for players to engage in. Participants have until 7:59 (UTC+8) on the 11th of September to stake their claims for the available rewards in medals or DEP coins.

Before the competition begins, the following details will be reset to ensure a level playing field for everyone:

  • The number of medals that each player has.
  • Progress of each person’s Bingo card.
  • The levels of each contestant.
  • Their particular position within the field.

After resetting the following parameters, Lucky Farmer will begin ranking people according to their performances. Individuals should try to acquire very rare farmland NFTs, as doing this increases their chances of getting higher points. In turn, getting better points means climbing higher up the leaderboard.

Below is an insight into the scoring and ranking mechanism:

  • 4 Black Medals – 21 points
  • 3 Black Medals – 9 points
  • 2 Black Medals – 3 points
  • 1 Black Medal – 1 point

Meanwhile, players can also get a colored medal with a number on it. When this happens, the points will be multiplied by the number in that Medal. Meanwhile, there will be separate prizes for the Regular Ranking and the Owner Ranking. The former will see the best 10 players share 300 $DEP, while 10 participants will share 50,000 $DEP in the latter.

Ver 1.4.7 Update to Improve Farmland NFT Recovery Value

Ver 1.4.7 Update to Improve Farmland NFT Recovery Value

In other news, Lucky Farmer issued the Ver 1.4.7 Update in preparation for the Media Ranking Event. This patch note fixes default aspects of gameplay. For example, the Small Recovery has been added to increase the endurance value recovery of Farmland NFTs by 20%.

People can select the small or full recovery from the Recovery Endurance Value menu under the “Farmland” section in the NFT Menu. Meanwhile, players can only use this booster if the endurance level of their Farmland NFT drops below 80%.

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