Walken Introduces The Crafting Feature
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Walken Introduces The Crafting Feature

Walken, the established play-to-earn game, is introducing the crafting feature as part of the gameplay options that players can enjoy. For quite some time, the team has been monitoring feedback from members of the community. During this period, there have been demands from individuals for an avenue to improve their arsenal.

As the team was upgrading the PVP system, they decided that it was best to level the playing field. In fact, this mechanism has been in the works for quite some time. However, the reintroduction of duels demanded that Walken level the playing field.

How to Utilize the Walken Crafting Feature

How to Utilize the Walken Crafting Feature

PVP matches can be very cruel, especially for the loser. There is this disappointment that comes with not getting the desired results after putting in significant effort. Well, that era is over, as Walken is introducing a silver lining to this cloud of dismay.

The team is introducing Textile as a form of redemption. It will function very similarly to how Mysberries work with PVE players who lose. However, this new addition is far more beneficial and will improve the CAThlete’s ability during the course of gameplay.

Although everyone who loses a battle has a chance of earning Textile, all players will not get an equal share of this in-game item. Instead, people will receive “Textile” according to their League and Reward Tier. Meanwhile, individuals are not just receiving this benefit as compensation for losing. Instead, users will be able to get a special crafting lootbox or 500 $WLKN once they accumulate up to 2000 units of Textile.

People can use the tokens they earn as they choose to. Lootboxes, on the other serve, serve a more diverse purpose. These boxes hold a diverse variety of mouthwatering treasures themed after autumn. Players can use these boxes to transform their CAThelete and increase their chances of winning future battles.

Textile is a time-limited collection of digital items that offers better possibilities for players. Through this initiative, the team is ensuring that step-backs become stepping stones. While Walken did not state when exactly the Crafting Feature will go live, the announcement stated that it be introduced this week.

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