Oasys and XPLA Hackathon Concludes with Exciting Demo Day
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Oasys and XPLA Hackathon Concludes with Exciting Demo Day

Oasys and XPLA recently finished their collaborative hackathon called Beyond Boundaries. The big finale was a Demo Day in Seoul, South Korea on September 3. The teams who made it to the finals showed off their creative concepts.

The event got a lot of interest and 163 people joined and made 90 teams in total. Also, 15 teams were part of the finals, and their projects were part of the Demo Day. Finally, 9 teams won prizes in the 3 tracks.

The hackathon also aimed to solve hard web3 problems and make gaming better. So, it was successful at attracting smart people with new ideas, and this fulfilled the goal set by the platforms.

Famous Judges Panel in Oasys Hackathon

The focus areas that were part of the judging were blockchain, creativity, possible real use, and helping users. The judges came from Oasys, XPLA, HAECHI LABS, Yooldo, Marblex, Xangle, GroundX, KDDI, Nexon, and Hashed.

Firstly, Paul Kim from XPLA said: “The ideas will let mainnets connect better, moving web3 forward. This hackathon brings us closer to the huge potential of web3.”

Secondly, Dominic Jang from Oasys added: “It lets gaming firms and chains meet talented builders solving problems to integrate blockchain smoothly.”

Famous Judges Panel in Oasys Hackathon

Winning Ideas Across Tracks

Starting off, Track 1 was about integrating Layer 1 chains, and Toppin won 1st place for organizing NFT profiles better using ERC-6551, thereby improving navigation.

After that, Track 2 was about coding plugins for gaming and NFTs, and LYNC won by making it easy to add game assets into Unity and Unreal.

Lastly, Track 3 was about KYC solutions, and Mines took 1st by connecting accounts, simplifying wallets, and integrating KYC.

Judges praised projects using ERC-6551 for better experience across chains. The innovative ideas at Demo Day showed the great talent present at the event.

Leading the Way in Web3 Gaming

Beyond Boundaries was a huge success and it shows that thinkers can unite to find new solutions for blockchain gaming. The winning concepts have a lot of potential to fix problems and open new options.

Thirdly, Oasys Head of BD Dominic Jang said: “Solving these issues creates ways for gaming firms to use blockchain seamlessly.”

Finally, with its great turnout and range of ideas, the hackathon made important progress toward an exciting web3 gaming future. So, the game platform and XPLA are proud to support these innovators.

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