Genopets Dual Token System
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Genopets Introduces the Dual Token System

Genopets, the world’s first Free-to-Play, Move-to-Earn NFT mobile game has introduced a dual token system. This invention intends to separate in-game rewards from governance and staking benefits. This will be done through the introduction of two separate tokens, $GENE and $KI.

Through this structure, it will be creating a sustainable economy. As users will have multiple options as to how they want to spend their Energy. They can simply download the app and begin nurturing their Genopet with each step they take.

Details of the Genopets Dual Token System

With the Genopets dual token system, users will be able to decide how they want to invest in gameplay. It will also give them the power to choose how they want to spend their earnings. On the other hand, they can also reinvest their energy back into the game. This will help it to level up as well as increase its value and experience points.

To this effect, Genopets is introducing the $GENE and the $KI tokens. Players will use them for acquiring and crafting Habitats and Crystals. These native currencies will serve as the driving forces of the in-game economy. They will perform different functions and increase your chances of leveling up as you continue playing.


KI token

This is a utility token that habitat owners can earn as they perform various actions. Players will burn KI during usage, and the amount they expend is determined by the number of habitats they have.

They can earn this token by:

  • Converting Energy earned from banking steps with a Habitat
  • Multiple Habitat owners to earn more of this token
  • Owning Genesis Habitat to it as a bonus.

Users can earn use this token to perform the following:

  • Crafting and refining new NFTs
  • Terraform new Habitats NFTs
  • Increase the speed and thereby reducing the period of the crafting process.
  • Convert it into Energy and level up your Genopet.


Unlike KI, GENE is the governance and staking token of the game. Players will use it alongside the utility currency to craft certain in-game items. As the reward token, players can earn them from

  • Participating in staking
  • Winning seasonal games

As mentioned earlier, you can do the following with GENE:

  • Stake GENE for governance rights and rewards
  • Craft high-level items
  • Terraform and upgrade your Habitat
  • Participate in Genopets NFT Drops

More so, users will be able to withdraw their rewards without affecting the initial staking amount. Which they can now use immediately during gameplay.

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