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Dragonary Introduces New Quests: Here’s All You Need to Know

Dragonary, a play-to-earn and play-to-own game metaverse, has announced the introduction of the DRAGON MATCH, which is a new kind of mission that players can pursue to earn in the metaverse. Dragonary has earlier talked about the Idle Missions in past interviews and streams.

These IDLE missions are passive assignments that players can complete with their Dragons. Once the assignments are complete, players earn the attached rewards. How does this work? It is simple.

Players send their dragons to explore specific points in Dragonarya and while the mission is ongoing, players cannot use their dragons for other tasks, such as Casual PVP. When the dragons return, the players get rewarded for mission completion. 

What is the Dragon Match?

The Dragon Match refers to missions available in an automatic PVP mode. The game summarizes the battle and takes statistics and other variables into consideration. You will know whether you win or lose instantly after the completion of the game and get rewarded if you win.

The game involves setting up a team for the missions and the team is made up of dragons. These are the creatures that will complete the mission. When you have selected the team for a Dragon Match mission, you will be able to view the combined “Power” that your team has.

The power is a blend of the type of dragons and stats. It is the player’s job to discover the components of dragons that increase the combined power of their team.


Highlights of the Two Gaming Options

After forming your team, the next thing is to proceed to the Dragon Match Section where you can explore two gaming options. The first is a Dragon Match, which gives you Drago as the primary reward. You need commission and energy in Drago to participate in this game option. The second is the ECT Match.

Players get rewarded in ECT and the maximum number of ECT you can get per day depends on the rarity of your account. To play the game, you need to pay a token commission in Drago, which will consume a level of Stamina and Energy.

What is Stamina?

This refers to the vitality of a Dragon. It appears as a unique bar on your screen and decreases as an “energy payout” for every battle you participate in. You can use Stardust to recharge the Stamina of your Dragons. You have to pay a commission in ECT to gain more energy and stamina.

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