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Features of Hydraverse You Should Know – Beginners’ Guide

Hydraverse is a PVP dragon racing game metaverse that allows gamers and token holders to earn while playing games on its platform. The game metaverse has a variety of features that all Dragon Trainers can enjoy.

However, newbies on the platform can get confused by the numerous features available on the site. To help you navigate through the site and use the in-game features seamlessly, Hydraverse has released a detailed description of what the features are and how to use them.

Highlights of Hydraverse Game Features

Offline Racing

Offline Racing is an adrenaline-rush game mode that offers players an adventurous feel in-game. Apart from delivering optimal excitement and fun, the feature is also a significant means of earning on the platform. Offline Racing has two earning options. 

  • Set Dcoin Racing where players join race courses based on the stars of their dragon. They play with five random dragons and win Dcoin, which is the in-game token in the metaverse. To join the racecourse, you need 6 Energy and there is no limitation to the Offline Racing that you can join as long as you have the required Energy. 
  • 0 Dcoin Racing: The game rule is similar to the first but here, your Dragon can participate in a racecourse for free and when you win, your get rewarded with a Cup. However, you do not win any Dcoin with this game mode.


Hydra Park

Also known as Dragon Exhibition, Hydra Park is a place where players display their Dragons to earn Dcoin. This offers players the chance to earn passive income even if they cannot race regularly. The number of Dragons you have in the Park and their level of Attractiveness determine the amount of Dcoin you earn

Dragon Feeding

You can increase the Happiness stat of your Dragons by taking care of them and feeding them is one of the ways to take care of them. Players that maintain a Happiness state of above 200 points in six hours get 4000 exp. There are four ways you can keep your Dragon happy and they include Feeding, Playing, Bathing, and Sleeping. Each activity earns you 100 points.


Hydraverse has three training modes for NFTs on its platform. These are Normal, Endless, and Lazy modes.

Augmented Reality (AR)

You can showcase each Dragon in reality through augmented reality and click on your Dragon to view it in reality through a camera. You can also generate a QR code and send it to friends, which they can use to view the Dragons.

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