Hydraverse Releases the Beta Version
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Hydraverse Releases the Beta Version

Hyraverse releases the Beta version of its game. While announcing the release of the Hydraverse Beta Version, it also issues a step-by-step guide to participate in gameplay. The version will run from 00:00 AM UTC 23rd of February to 00:00 AM UTC 7th of March 2022. It is currently available on computers, Android and iOS devices. To participate in this beta experience, users must own at least 1 NFT dragon.

How to Join the Hydraverse Beta Version

To join this experience, visit the Hydraverse website. On the website, click on “download” and the system will download the version suitable for your device. After downloading the app, launch it on your device. Once you launch the app, you will have to login on the main screen. You can login by pasting the QR code you get from the marketplace.

On the other hand, you can also scan the QR code to login. After login in, check the daily task to see your pending mission for the day. Complete the mission and immerse yourself in the Hydraland. You can also invite friends to join the beta version.

Details of the Beta Edition Gameplay

Login to the Hydraverse Beta Version

Hydraverse is quite similar to Temple Run or Subway Surfers. There will be different aspects of gameplay. One of such is the training session. Your dragons will have two lives in a training course. This session consists of sleep mode, awaken mode, normal training, endless training and lazy training modes. These different modes have different costs in energy and exp they offer your dragons. They also require recipes that you can earn from winning races and/or training sessions.

Another aspect of Hydraland is the offline racing. This is the PVP mode of the game. There are currently 3 different kinds of racecourses. It involves racing your dragon against five other players. Winners from these races will get $Dcoin and points as rewards. Every day, you will get five tickets to join racecourses in offline races. For every course you race in, you will pay 1 ticket. However, players can still purchase more tickets at the price of 100 $Dcoin per tickets.

Hydra Park aka Dragon exhibition is a place where players can display their dragons. Players will earn the game’s native token from displaying their in-game characters. However, not all dragons will yield the same rewards from displays. Users can also enjoy AR on their phones while playing this game.

To add AR feature, go to the in-game marketplace and click on “User”. From User, navigate to “My Account”. Click on your dragon, and you will see a QR code. Open Hydraverse on your phone and choose the AR symbol. Scan the QR code to enable AR in the game.

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