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Thetan Arena to Reward Content Creators and Consumers

Thetan Arena is committed to boosting the economy in its universe. The first MOBA e-sport NFT-based game built on blockchain technology has announced its intention to reward both content creators and content consumers in its ecosystem.

It aims to achieve this by connecting content creators with “Thetanians” where the creators create content and earn from their efforts. Thetanians will also get rewarded when they view the creators’ content. This is expected to be a win-win mechanism for everyone in the Thetan Arena community. 

How to Become a Content Creator in Thetan Arena

Individuals that desire to become creators on the platform must fill out a Creator’s form to get started. This form is available on the Facebook page of Thetan Arena. After filling out the form, the system will add you to the ecosystem as a creator and generate tracking links for you in-game.

To maintain your status as a content creator on the platform, you must create a minimum of five pieces of content about Thetan Arena in a month. You can create live streams, images, videos, and infographics, among others. After creating your content, pin the tracking links below your posts and get a Viewpoint when viewers click the links.

Suffice to mention that a Viewpoint is counted when you get a unique click on your link. The links should be created at an interval of 24 hours. You must use different tracking links for each post, video, live stream, or other content that you create.

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Benefits of being a Content Creator

  • You earn weekly and monthly rewards in gTHG.
  • Get over 21 million Thetanians to become your viewers.
  • The game platform will promote your videos, posts, and live streams in-game.
  • Easy access to the Thetan Arena team.
  • Participate in a special program designed exclusively for Thetan Arena’s creators.

Benefits of being a Viewer

  • Explore and experience content from top-tier creators on the game platform.
  • Earn gTHC just from viewing videos, posts, and live streams.

A Brief Background of Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is an NFT-based esport game built on blockchain technology. Players can form a team, gather friends, battle with others, and earn rewards. The game is a free-to-play and battle-to-earn game, and it is available on PC, IOS, and Android.

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