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Swappable NFTs Launches NTR1-META Sneaker at TrustSwap HQ

Swappable NFTs, an NFT Launchpad on TrustSwap, has teamed up with Another 1 and 23 other industry leaders to craft the first Italian phygital sneakers in the world. The NTR1-META Sneakers are set to launch on TrustSwap HQ. The sneakers are exclusive hand-made leather shoes wearable in the real world and the metaverse. 

They are also tradable assets that holders can convert to real value. These phygital sneakers are limited edition and will be launched as NFT collectibles. Holders of the NFT sneakers can request to have a physical pair of the shoes. However, you must first burn your NFT to get a physical pair of sneakers.

Details of the NTR1-META Sneaker Mint

The mint presale for the NTRI-META sneaker will start on February 23 at 13:00 UTC while the public sales will begin after 24 hours of the presale event. There are 34 Sneaker designs available and holders can get one pair in every NFT they mint. To celebrate the launch of the Sneaker NFTs, Swappable NFTs is giving loads of prizes to its community members. 

Interested participants are required to locate Meta the Chameleon around the Decentraland building. They are to take selfie pictures with Meta. The best picture will win a pair of sneakers for free. Individuals can submit their entries in the discord platform of Swappable NFTs until Friday.

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What are the NTR1-META Sneakers?

The NTR1-META Sneakers are the inspiration from the changing Chameleon magic. The team acknowledges the ability of the human to adapt when faced with adversity just like the Chameleon does to survive difficult situations. According to the team, the NTR1-META sneakers are not for everyone

They are designed for individuals looking to evolve and leverage the most extraordinary version of themselves through the magical transformation just as with the Chameleon. The team will launch a limited edition of 5000 NTR1-META sneakers NFTs.

Privileged holders of these sneaker NFTs can burn and swap their NFT to get the identical physical pair to wear in the real world. The platform will use the NFTs in monitoring ownership and also authenticate the SKUs.

The digital asset represents ownership and gives the holders the right to obtain the physical pair in the real world. The team collaborated with Lucio Vanotti, an emerging Italian fashion designer, to design the sneakers.

The team with the designer fused abstract and Italian design using special colors to create the limited edition of the NTR1-META sneakers.

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