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Details of Monsta Marketplace Update and Guide

After much ado, Monsta has successfully launched the sale of MONI-SYY tokens. This came after several delays and postponements. However, it does not seem to out of the shadows yet. This is because there still some glitches in the processing of request. To this effect, it is issuing a marketplace update notifying community members of certain issue. Here are the details of the Monsta Marketplace update.

Details of the Monsta Marketplace Update

Although the launch was successful, there are still certain complaints about some issues. One is regards to the processing time the platform takes before it effects transactions. Besides processing time, users are also complaining about not being able to access the marketplace. This caused some members to believe that the marketplace was down or had crashed again.

However, this was not the case and Monsta released an update to clarify this issue. It gave proper explanation for the delay in processing transaction requests. For this reason, it explains that there are overwhelming swapping requests on the blockchain. It is this request overload that is causing congestion in the Monsta Chain and slowing it down. In this regard, transactions may take effect much slower than they should.

On the issue of inaccessibility of some users to the chain, there was also some clarification. The development team pointed out that it was trying to prevent a DDOS attack on the platform. They pointed out that this form of attack is a common means through which hackers take control of new systems. Therefore, it will lock out IP address that refresh or spam the website for some time.

It is therefore encouraging buyers to avoid refreshing the website or spamming the buttons.  Even if their request is taking time, they should avoid reloading the page. By doing this, you are making your IP address request for access over and over again. The system will interpret it as an attack and lock you out for some time.

Marketplace Guide

Monsta Marketplace guide

Besides the update, Monsta Infinite also issued a guide to enable them swap tokens with ease. It is important to note certain things while engaging in token swap. The game will display STT and MONI as xSTT and xMONI respectively on the Monsta Chain. Like all DeFi tokens, the prices of Monsta tokens will fluctuate as the demand for them increases. Users can only swap xMONI to xSTT, there is no reverse swap. The blockchain cannot bridge STT out to the Mainnet until it deploys a liquidity pool on Binance Smart Chain. You can get more insight about trading by reading the market guide.

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