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Fight of the Ages Announces FOTA 2 Release

Fight of the Ages has announced the imminent release of FOTA 2. The product update promises to offer players an immersive experience during the course of gameplay. Users will also be able to hone their battle skills and tactics when this edition becomes available. This announcement comes after a sneak peek at the new Mission Select UI version.

Exciting Features Users Should Anticipate in FOTA 2

FOTA 2 is the sequel and upgraded edition of the Fight of the Ages blockchain game. Despite the early announcement, the team did not state when this update would become available for gamers. However, they did highlight some exciting attributes that players should expect when this version drops.

As mentioned earlier, the goal is to design FOTA to become a premier eSports League. The team is incorporating Real-Time tactics into this web3 game to achieve that aim. In addition, there will be a complete overhauling of the game’s interface and gameplay experience. The new outlook will be more appealing and addictive.

Besides the UI advancement, there will be significant substantial improvements to the return on investment calculation. Users will enjoy better rewards for participating in gameplay. Meanwhile, there will be no serious changes to the original Fight of the Ages storyline. Nevertheless, new and improved features will be added to the gameplay.

In addition, the FOTA Season will oversee incorporating an additive PVP system. Unlike other gaming options, there will be no restrictions, and players globally will face off in brutal, fierce and exciting battles. Healthy Wager mode is also part of the duel section. Users will stake specific amounts and the winner will take up to 90% of the prize pool.

The team will maintain a satisfying PVE option despite deploying the player-vs-player mode. It will feature exciting difficulty levels, where users will encounter different bosses and try to survive various dungeons.

Meanwhile, players can use the $FOTA across different aspects of the GameFi ecosystem. Fight of the Ages intends to use the medium to increase the token’s value. In addition, there will be a once-in-a-lifetime investment possibility. Participants will earn as much as 300% APY on their capital. Fight of the Ages is finalizing the details before making it available.

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