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Tomodachi World Announces the Launch of its 10k Anime-Style NFTs

Tomodachi World announces the release of a collection of its anime-style NFTs for minting today, November 16, 2021, at 7 pm UTC. There are 10,000 distinctively generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain that is available to be minted.

Holders of the Tomodachi NFT will have access to explore the Tomodachi world, which is a members-only club in the Sandbox Game. The NFT tokens will also function as the mint pass for the 3D voxel Tomodachi character that will be launched in the nearest future.

Holders of these tokens will also be able to create an expansive fun world in the Sandbox game. They will also have the chance to generate revenue and earn rewards. Suffice to mention that the NFT collection is the latest NFTs that are based on humans.

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How to get the Tomodachi NFTs

The Tomodachi NFTs are available through the official website of Tomodachi World. As mentioned, the sale will start at 2 pm EST on November 16. At the start of the sale, a randomly generated NFT will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain and delivered to the holder’s Open Sea account and wallet. 

To buy one, you will have to install the metamask extension and then connect it to your account on the official website. You should ensure that you have adequate Ethereum in your account to cover the cost of the mint as well as the gas.

Each Tonodach NFT costs 0.05 ETH and this will remain the price all through the sale period. That means you do not have to worry about an increase in the prices. Suffice to mention that each person can only mint five Tomodachis per transaction

What to Expect from Tomodachi World During the NFTs Sale

According to information from the official Tomodachi World website, the game platform will hold a community exclusive raffle after about 25% of the Tomodachi NFTs have been sold out. Winners in the raffle will win Ethereum

When the sale reaches a milestone of 50%, there will be a free airdrop where ten randomly selected holders will be airdropped one Tomodachi for free. After the sale of 100% of Tomodachi, there will be another community exclusive raffle where winners will win more Ethereum.

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