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Monsta Cloning Reward Program Launches

On the 15th of November, Monsta Infinite launched its “cloning” feature. The game further released a cloning guide, alongside the launch of that event. Following a successful launch, Monsta is rewarding its community members via the Monsta Cloning Reward Program. Want to participate in this event? Here is all your need to know.

Features of the Monsta Cloning Reward

Monsta Cloning Reward Program

This event will debut on the 15th and will run through till the 21st of November. Upon completion of the event, winners will get their rewards on the 27th of November. To partake in this program, users will have to among the first 9 players to clone Pure Monstas. A Pure Monsta is a game character that has all the six body parts from a single class.

The Monsta can be from any of the nine classes of in-game characters. They include Prime, Golem, Grognak, Terminator, Nightingale, Juggernaut, Alchemist, Prophet, or Bomoh class. Winners will stand the chance of winning one of the 9 Inception Monsta Eggs.

Rules of the Monsta Cloning Reward Program

  1. The Pure Monsta must be a Normal Monsta. Chrono Zero, Soulbond, and Inception Monstas will not be eligible for this competition.
  2. The Pure Monsta must consist of one of these 9 classes; Prime, Golem, Grognak, Terminator, Nightingale, Juggernaut, Alchemist, Prophet, and Bomoh.
  3. The body part of the Monsta must consist of body parts from the same class in order to be eligible, regardless of the variant number. The variant number#1 – #5 will be disregarded.
  4. The winners are selected on a first come first serve basis, based on the Tag ID of the Pure Monsta for a specific class. The results of this event will be final and non-negotiable.
  5. The Pure Monsta winners will be selected by us and will be announced using the Pure Monsta owner’s Monsta Wallet Address.
  6. The Monsta Wallet Addresses of the Pure Monsta winners will be announced on our official social media platforms.
  7. The Inception Monsta Egg will be sent to the winning Monsta Wallet Addresses. (The transaction hashes will be recorded to prevent any discrepancies in the prize distribution)
  8. Monsta Infinite reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations of this event without prior notice.

About Monsta Infinite

Monsta Infinite is a MMROPG that uses the play-to-earn feature of blockchain technology. Players get to earn real life rewards while exploring a card-based virtual world.

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