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Monsta Infinte Releases Cloning Guide

Following the successful completion of the Monsta hatching event, Monsta Infinite is set to launch its cloning event. Cloning is an essential part of gameplay, as it is similar to breeding in other blockchain games.This event is set for release on the 15th of October 2021. Without further ado, let us get to the details of the Monsta Cloning Guide.

Features of the Mosnta Cloning Guide

Monsta cloning guide feature

To reduce abuse in the cloning process, the game is limiting the amount of times playaers can use parents for cloning. In this regards, you can only use an in-game character four times for cloning. However, users can still combine Monstas of different counts when cloning. For example, you can use a Monsta with a ¼ count with another one of ¾ count.

The cost of cloning are as follows:

  • First Cloning Process ¼ – 988 STT
  • Second Cloning Process 2/4 – 1988 STT
  • Third Cloning Process ¾ – 5988 STT
  • Fourth Cloning Process 4/4 – 11988 STT

However, this costs stated above is the cost of one parent. This implies that the total cost of a single cloning involves the cost of each parent. Using a ¼ and a ¾ for cloning will cost 988 plus 5988 total cost.

Following the successful clone, there will be a new Monsta in the form of an egg. This egg will require five days of incubation in real time before it hatches. The game will attach a timer to the process for proper monitoring.

How to Clone Monstas

To be able to partake in the cloning process, visit the Monsta Marketplace and connect your wallet. After connecting your wallet, visit your profile and select the Monstas with which you want to use clone. Once you do that, the game will calculate the amount of STTs you will need for the cloning process. Click on “confirm” to approve of the cloning process and the transaction fee.

After the hatching is complete, click on ‘Mosnta Details” to get more information about your game assets. Individuals interested in partaking in this cloning process should also understand the hatching guide. Do not trade your Monstas or eggs via any third party to avoid scams or loss of assets.

About Monsta Infinite

Monsta Infinite is a decentralized game universe where anyone can earn tokens through playing the game competitively or for leisure. It combines the play-to-earn feature of blockchain and action-arcade approach to gameplay. Players get to clone, train and trade in-game assets known as Monstas.

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