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Monsta Hatching Feature Set for 5th of November

frEver since the successful MONI-STT sale, Monsta Infinite is not slowing down. It took every challenge in its stride and is taking steps in the right direction. Everyone thought the worst after the Monsta marketplace crash. The cancelation and indefinite postponement further created cases of fear, uncertainty and doubt. However, it was soon running in no time and will be  put to good use once again.

Details Monsta Hatching Feature

Following a successful presale, Monsta is ready for the next phase. This is no other than the hatching of Monstas. In this event, players will get the opportunity to meet the various in-game characters that they will be using for gameplay. This event is set for the 5th of October 2021 and will take place on the Monsta Infinite Marketplace. This announcement was made via thier discord channel.

Trading and Transfer Following Success Monsta Hatching

Players will not have to wait long to know what their Monstas can do. Following the hatching on the 5th of November, users will be able to trade and transfer these characters on the 6th of November. So get your MONI and Monstas ready so that you do not miss out on this opportunity. Like the hatching feature, the game did not give much announcement as regards this release. Members of the Monsta community should expect further details within the next 24 hours.

MONI Heist Prize Distribution

On the 6th of October 2021, Monsta Infinite launched a loyalty program. The program will titled after Money Heist – a popular television series. The event was held on their discord server to help grow their numbers on the platform. Participants joined their platform, filled forms and generated personal discord invites. They sent these invites to various individuals and those with the most invites will benefit from 25,000 MONI tokens. The event ran from on the 6th to the 31st of October. Monsta will be distributing the prizes to the winners on the 4th of November. Participants do not need to drop their wallet address again. Monsta Infinite will distribute the prizes to the wallets you submitted when filling the form.

Monsta Wallet V1.2.0 Available on Chrome Webstore Ahead of Monsta Hatching

Wallet V1.2.0 on Chrome Ahead Monsta Hatching

With the Monsta hatching and trading coming up, the game is not taking any chances. Earlier, it gave Monstas updates on the new edition of the wallet. At that time however, it was not yet ready for launch. The development team is launching the V1.2.0 on the Chrome webstore. To get the new version of this wallet, visit the Chrome Webstore.

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