Monsta Wallet V1.2.0
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Monsta Wallet V1.2.0 Now Available

Monsta Infinite is putting in serious work to satisfy its community members. The recent is the release of the Monsta Wallet V.1.2.0 as an upgrade to the V1.1.1 version. The game is also organizing voting poll giveaway for their MONI-STT launch date. One lucky voter in this poll stand chances of winning an Inception Monta. Also, the view only version of their marketplace is live. Below are the details and all you need to know.

Monsta Wallet V1.2.0 Update

Monsta Wallet V1.2.0 is now available and it comes with new lingual features. It also fixes the visual bugs that were in the previous version. This update was done after considering several feedbacks from its community members. To download the link, refer to the post about the older version. Although V1.2.0 is available, V1.1.1 is still in operation. Users can still get the extension from the Chrome Webstore. There will be further update on the release of this new version as time goes on.

MONI-STT Sale Voting Poll Giveaway

Monsta Infinite is organizing a voting poll on its Telegram Channel. The poll gives Monstas the power to select the date they prefer for the sale to take place. Interested persons can visit this link to get more information. For those interested, the game will be giving an Inception Monsta to one lucky participant.

Monsta Marketplace

After cancelling sales indefinitely, the company gave an update regarding its marketplace. In that update, it promised a view only version of the market. In line with its promise, the view only version is live and buyers can access it. Monsta Infinite is encouraging members to visit the site in their numbers. This will help the development team analyze how well the platform will be able to handle full traffic. From this analysis, they will be able to prepare properly for the proposed launch date.

Monsta Bridges MONI into the Monsta Chain

Monsta Bridges MONI supply

Monsa is currently bridging 5,500,000 out of the circulating supply. The game intends to increase the rarity of MONI. This is why it is bridging 30% into the Monsta Chain. This is the first of such removal. As the demand for MONI (both in-game and marketplace) increases, there will be further removals of MONI tokens.

The company has submitted a request to Coinmarketcap, notifying them of this change in circulating supply. It is encouraging holders of the token to hodl their tokens as they will only get rarer. As they get rarer, their value will be on the steady rise as well.

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