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Tap-to-Earn Game on Telegram Treasure Tapper Launches Introduces New Daily Reward Feature


  • Treasure Tapper introduces the Daily Reward feature for accumulating tokens by logging in daily.
  • Players can claim their daily rewards from the Earn tab, starting with 500 coins on the first day and increasing with each consecutive day until reaching 5 million on the tenth day.
  • The coins obtained can be used to purchase game upgrades and are being prepared for future updates on blockchain platforms like TON and GalaChain.

Treasure Tapper has announced updates for its players with the launch of its Daily Reward feature. The new feature is designed to enhance user gaming experience by allowing them to accumulate tokens simply by logging in daily.

The introduction of the Daily Reward aims to boost player engagement and reward their consistent dedication to the game. Available in the Earn tab of the game, players can now claim their daily rewards by tapping the “Claim” button. Starting from day one, players can earn 500 coins, and with each consecutive day of claiming, the rewards increase gradually. The peak of this stage occurs on the tenth day, where players can reach a sum of 5 million coins.

Soon, players will be able to use these coins to acquire upgrades that will significantly enhance their gaming experience. Additionally, they are expected to be useful in future updates based on blockchain. Such as TON and GalaChain platforms, which will expand opportunities and benefits for users.

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Treasure Tapper Promises Future Updates with New Features

“It will transform how our players interact with Treasure Tapper. It’s our way of rewarding the loyalty of our users and offering them a more rewarding and engaging gaming experience,” stated the company spokesperson.

The game inspires players to envision an elite lifestyle within the web3 world. With the promise of future updates and the introduction of new missions. The company aims to provide incentives for players to actively participate and maximize their earnings in Treasure Tapper.

To claim their daily rewards, players simply need to open Treasure Tapper. Go to the Earn tab, and select the claim option. A straightforward process that ensures all users can easily participate and benefit.

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