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Splinterlands Art Contest Features on Splintertalk

User generated content (UGC) is fast becoming an integral part in blockchain gaming. In a bid to ensure a community based platform, decentralized games give users the authority to decide. Speaking of UGC, Splinterlands Art Contest is giving it creators the opportunity to grow their brand. Here details of this contest.

Details of Week 163 Splinterlands Art Contest

Splinterlands Art Contest on Splintertalk

This contest is an open-ended art contest for the creations that are inspired by the game. Interested participants can create arts based on the game’s card or entirely new things.

This includes Drawings: Paintings, Digital Art, Logos, Blog Dividers, Blog Footers, New Card Ideas, Mixed Media Art, Dolls or Computer Generated Art. The prize for this contest is ten booster packs.

To participate, post your creation to your Hive account. This is important as the game will send prizes to the account with which you use in participating. Also include the steps you followed when creating your work. Do not embed your link or submit more than one entry. After submission, include a picture with your links in the comments. Winners be selected based on the curator’s deiscretion not through Upvotes. Ensure to upload all artworks before the 20th of November by 10:00 PM CST.

Splinterlands is using their social media platform to create more awareness about their art contest. As usual, the winner of this week’s contest will have their work appear on Splinterlands’ on the Splintertalk platform. Unlike prior competitions, the Art Contest Winners will be able to tokenize their art and sell it to the audience. Also, art creators will be able to mind their own fan artworks on the Splinterlands blockchain.

The game is also observing the submissions of various creators. The game plans to select certain artists that will mint art NFTs on their new account – Splinterchampions. Although the artworks will be on Splinterlands chain, creators will still get credits for their efforts. They will be getting credit for their works while growing their own brands.

About Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a card based blockchain game that uses the trade-to-earn reward system. The game currently offers more than 283 card that players can combine over the course of gameplay. It has different factions known as Splinters and every card belongs to a faction. This blockchain game also offers a wide variety of in-game activities that players can engage in to earn daily rewards. Unlike most other games, Splinter offers cross chain compatibility with other blockchain.

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