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SolChicks Unveils its Upcoming $CHICKS IDO on Solana Network

Solchicks, a leading play-to-earn fantasy game on the Solana network, has announced the unveiling of its upcoming $CHICKS IDO, which is slated to take place at 2 pm UTC on November 26, 2021. The community members can pre-register to participate in the event through the official website of SolChicks. 

Members with the $CHICKS currency will use it to breed new SolChicks and sell them. They can also use it to play in-game and earn rewards that can be traded in real-world exchanges. Holders of the currency would also be able to earn more $CHICKS tokens through weekly MMR rankings and leaderboards. 

What is SolChicks?

SolChicks is an NFT PvP and Play-to-Earn game ecosystem established on the Solana blockchain. The game is created around cute SolChicks NFT collectibles. Players can use these SolChicks as characters in a distinct gaming metaverse. Players will also be able to buy and sell SolChicks in the community. 

They can also create collections and earn rewards as well as play games within the SolChicks universe. Additionally, they will have the freedom to breed adorable SolChicks and unlock unique traits while at it. 

Each SolChick has been uniquely designed and fully integrated into the gaming metaverse with exceptional features. The goal of the creators is to make SolChicks one of the most revolutionary and successful NFT gaming ecosystems in the industry.


How Does the SolChicks Game work?

There are four different activities in the SolChicks game metaverse. The PvP allows players to compete with other players on the battleground to see who has the strongest SolChicks. Players will be matched in teams and they have to compete with other teams in battles to win prizes and gain experience. 

With more victories, players can climb the leaderboard and display the strength of their SolChick to other players in the Solana universe.

The second Activity is Raids, which allows players to team up with other strong players to defend their SolChicks and territory. Winners receive rewards for their victories.

The third is all about bonding with baby SolChicks. When players obtain a Baby SolChicks, they have to bond and care for them until they grow strong and big to survive in the wild. This activity requires that players play with and feed the baby SolChicks. 

The fourth requires that players train their SolChicks through winning PvP battles. They get rewards and level up for every battle they win.

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