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Sidus Heroes Introduces Apartments

Sidus Heroes is introducing the Apartments within its universe. These living areas are very crucial aspects of its virtual world. They offer an avenue to preserve valuable household items that serve specific purposes. With an expected upcoming sale, the team is giving users insights about what to expect.

All You Need to Know About the Sidus Heroes Apartments

In anticipation of the upcoming NFT merchandising event, Sidus Heroes is informing everyone that there are only 6,000 apartments available. There are three rarities of these NFTs, each having its benefits. They include 4,000 Common, 1,500 Epic and 500 Legendary categories. You can choose to live in them or issue them out for a rental fee. One important thing to note is that there will be no additional minting.

However, a separate group of flats is available when you register. They are called Basic housing units and can only hold one household item. Unlike the regular living accommodations, the update did not identify if these assets would be limited in supply.

One important thing to consider is the size of your real estate. Lodges come in various magnitudes. The bigger your property, the more items you can store. Another essential feature is the distance between your present location and the Business Center or the SIDUS Gates module. Like in real life, higher-end houses make travelling from one city to another easier.

When these NFTs drop, the Heads of Guilds will receive Organization Status.  It will make it easier for them to offer scholarships to their employees and free access to their members. In addition, making these associations economic entities will make it easier for their players to work as a group. This will apply, regardless of the number or the rarity of the Heroes they are using. Even the planet of their avatar’s residence will not be a barrier.

Household Items in the Sidus Universe

Gem Boxes Airdrop for Apartment Owners

Speaking of which, household items serve significant purposes in the idea of your living area. They are specified items that will be of high demand in the SIDUS metaverse. There are currently three of these assets as shown below:

Plants: These are rich fruits that you can use to upgrade the level of your avatars and pets. Each one has its benefits depending on its rarity.

Robots: They offer investment bonuses and increase the benefits whenever you collect resources. These NFTs also perform other functions that will be unveiled when launched.

Workbenches: This asset enables you to create and control the pharmaceutical market.

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