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DragonSea Launches its DragonSea Gameplay Today, November 12, 2021

DragonSea, a new play-to-earn gaming metaverse launches its DragonSea gameplay today, November 12, 2021, at 8:00 am UTC. Immediately after the launch, players can begin to play the game and earn their first $DGE tokensAccording to the platform, the inspiration behind the DragonSea game is from the virtual world of metaverse and role-playing games within blockchain technology. 

More about the DragonSea Play-to-Earn Game

The game centers on a mystic dragon world with elements that let players immerse themselves in the virtual universe. The game enables players to play the role of Dragon Riders and allows them to build their dragon kingdom and lands with various constructions and elements gathered while playing the game. 

Players will also be able to train Dragon warriors from the start until they become warriors with unmatchable strength. All assets, characters, and items in the game have been digitized as NFTs.

That means that players can own actual digital assets that are supported by blockchain technology. They will be able to own, sell, exchange, and buy NFTs through the DragonSea platform.

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How to Play the DragonSea Game

The first thing that players, known as Eragon, must do is to acquire their Dragons. To improve the combat skills and strength of these dragons, they will participate in different battles and training sessions. This is the first stage of the gameplay. Eragons will need to train the Dragons through different tasks and challenges to improve the experience point of the Dragons and earn rewards. 

The second stage is the PVE Single. Here, players will make their Dragons fight against Apets to protect the Dragons’ Kingdom and earn rewards while at it.

The PVE Level is the third stage and it includes different levels that the Dragons can participate in battles. Each round of the levels has four to eight tasks and each level has different rewards and Noble Badges. 

The Fourth stage is the PVP Single where dragons will be made to participate in battle training with other Dragon Riders. Winning Dragons will win experience points and rewards. To participate in this battle, players have to stake a certain amount of Token and the winner gets the total Tokens at the end of the event. The fifth stage is the PVP Team. 

Here, a dragon army will be set up to take part in the battle training with other Dragon Riders to earn experience points and Token rewards.

The final stage is the Global Tournaments, which will take place periodically weekly, or monthly. Players can join other players across the globe to receive and exchange rewards.

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