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Cardano Launches Paima Layer 2 to Support On-Chain Gaming

Cardano has launched the “Paima” Layer 2 network to support on-chain gaming. This initiative will enable $ADA holders to enjoy significant GameFi benefits. Even better, they will not have to bridge or transfer their tokens to do so.

This is another significant milestone for this blockchain. It partnered with Milkomedia earlier in March. This collaboration aims to allow Cardano users to access Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts from their ADA wallets.

This feature will enable Ethereum developers to build on Cardano’s network using Solidity. It is a more efficient approach because devs will not have to learn new programming languages.

All You Need to Know About Cardano Paima Layer 2

Conecting developers with gamers, a system that solves a lot of issues

Cardano entered a strategic partnership with Paima (a Layer 2 web3 gaming engine). The essence of this collaboration was for both parties to create a cross-chain network integration. This system will enable $ADA owners to play games using tokens directly from their wallets.

For those that don’t understand how Paima works, it is a Web3 gaming engine. This means that independent developers can create and launch GameFi projects on its platform. Since the games it provides are noncustodial, players have to transfer tokens from one network or wallet to another.

While this method is effective, there are certain risks involved, and users can easily lose their tokens. Bridging was responsible for some prominent cyberattacks in 2022. A good example is the case of Binance, where hackers took control of certain nodes.

To curb this problem, Cardano and Paima have created a system that allows users to play games using $ADA. Even better, they can access every gaming option on the Web3 engine without needing to transfer or bridge their tokens to other platforms. The process will work similarly to connecting MetaMask to a blockchain game.

The developers at Paima Studios made a tweet about this development on Monday the 3rd of April. In that Twitter post, they also added that interested developers could build various projects on the platform. Meanwhile, Jungle Wars NFT is already available to players on this Web3 site.

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