Monopolio New Claim Feature
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Monopolio Introduces New Claim Feature

Monopolio is introducing a new claim feature. This announcement was made after it took a break from its busy schedule to connect with community members. This update comes after the game enabled the IDO claiming option. In this release, it also gave updates on the project and changes. Here are the details of recent additions to the game.

The Monopolio New Claim Feature

Monopolio has been able to keep liquidity within the range it wants. This is thanks to the group system it introduced. As such, it wants to continue following in this line. The reason is that this system will ensure the welfare of the project while continuing to reward players. To ensure continuity, Monopolio will be introducing a new claim feature on the 31st of March 2022.

Below are the details of the Monopolio new claim:

For players who make their claim with a % greater than 0:

  • They will return to 75% fee for making an early claim. Also, they will wait for 15 days.
  • The production will be reduced by the same percentage with which they claim their rewards. This will continue till they return to 0%. Also, the penalty will be reduced by 1% with each new claim to 0%.
  • Furthermore, any account having a penalty will not be able to use the marketplace.

Players who make a claim with 0% after days will get a 75% penalty. Afterwards, there will be a 5% reduction on a daily basis. This will continue until it reaches 0% on the 30th

Users who do not make claims after reaching 0% will not be able to continue until they make claims.

As mentioned earlier, this new system will guarantee liquidity stability. Such that, too many players will not be making claims at the same time.

Casino Launch, Rates and Insurance, etc


In other news, Monopolio is disabling the options for users to pay fees and insurance every 7 days. This is because it wants players to engage in longer investment cycles. From the 31st of March, the game will only pay fees and insurance every 14 or 28 days. At the moment however, the 7 days payment will continue.

Furthermore, final adjustments are ongoing to ensure that the launch goes on perfectly. Development is complete and extensive testing is currently going on. More so, the dev team will also be playing alongside users when the launch goes live. All these are part of Monopolio’s self-commitment to go one step further and provide community members with 100%.

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