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The Spartans Ready to be Launched in a Few Days

The Spartans, the foremost defense game developed on BSC, is ready to release the much-anticipated Spartans play-to-earn game in a couple of days. The game requires that players fight against the enemies to earn rewards. 

The platform announced the launch today on its Twitter page. According to the tweet, there are various exciting prices that players will earn at the launch. 

These include free fee PVE, exciting bonus rewards of up to 15-25%. These players will also be placed at random levels when they buy NFT Tower. The Tower NFTs are built on blockchain technology, which means that players can own, sell, and transfer their NFTs in-game. 

When players collect NFTs in the game, they can sell them in a crypto market or exchange them with other players in the Marketplace. 


Features of the Spartans Play-to-earn Game

There are four primary features that the game has. They are tower defenseNFT farmingBattlefield, and NFT Marketplace.

  • Tower DEFENSE: All Tower Defense NFTs are Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). Each of them is unique, and only one player with a single address can own each of them. Players need Tower Defense to battle in the game.
  • NFT Farming: This is a mechanism that enables players to collect more Tower NFT and TSP Tokens. All these increase players’ asset value and create remarkable value within the ecosystem.
  • Battlefield: This is a special feature that allows players to compete with enemies in battles with their Tower NFT. Every victory leads to a reward of $TSP and experience, which will help players’ Tower to level up and improve their battle strength.
  • NFT Marketplace: This is where players can buy or sell NFTs that they collect in the game. The Tower NFTs are built on blockchain technology, and players can digitally own, sell, or transfer all of them in-game.

More about the Spartans Game

The currency used for the Spartans NFT game is $TSP, and currently, there are 10,000,000 Tokens available to be deployed. About 55% of these are for in-game rewards over the next four months, and 39% are for PVE. 

20% of the tokens are available for pre-sale, and they are spread over some months after the launch. 3% is for airdrop, which will be released every month after the launch for the next ten months. The platform’s strategic investors, liquidity pools, and the team will share the rest of the tokens.

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