The Sandbox Launches NFT Marketplace on Polygon
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The Sandbox Launches NFT Marketplace on Polygon

The Sandbox, a virtual gaming world, has recently launched its NFT marketplace on the Polygon blockchain, marking a significant development for creators and the community at large. This strategic move to Polygon is aimed at empowering creators by enabling them to monetize their ASSETs while benefiting from reduced gas fees.

The Sandbox Introduces New and Exciting Features

Reduced Gas Fees The transition to Polygon comes with the advantage of significantly lower gas fees, which have been a major barrier for creators and users in the NFT space. The Sandbox has announced that it will cover a monthly total of 10 Polygon transaction fees for each user across its ecosystem, further easing the cost burden.

User Interface Enhancements Alongside the cost benefits, The Sandbox has introduced a series of improvements to the user interface. These include a new asset upload flow, revamped ASSET cards, and updated workspace ASSET status. These changes are designed to enhance the overall user experience in the marketplace.

The Sandbox Launches NFT Marketplace on Polygon

Minting with CATALYSTs A unique feature of The Sandbox’s marketplace is the use of CATALYSTs, ERC-1155 tokens on Polygon Layer 2, which creators can utilize to mint published ASSETs. One CATALYST is required to mint a single copy of an ASSET, with the ability to print an unlimited number as long as the creator has sufficient CATALYSTs.

Supporting Ecosystem Contributors In a bid to support its ecosystem contributors, The Sandbox has outlined plans to distribute CATALYSTs. This includes a CATALYST airdrop for eligible LAND owners and additional rewards for those who complete the Winter Event requirements.

Celebratory NFT Collection To celebrate the launch, The Sandbox is releasing a new NFT collection by 30 artists from its Creator Fund. This collection showcases a diverse range of art, from fantasy warriors to cyberpunk gear, and is a testament to the creativity within The Sandbox community.

The Sandbox’s marketplace on Polygon is a leap forward in the NFT domain, offering a more accessible and user-friendly platform for creators to showcase and monetize their digital creations. With reduced costs and enhanced features, it stands to revolutionize the way we interact with NFTs and virtual assets.

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