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DeRace Announces DERCember Cup 2023

The DERCember Cup 2023 has arrived with exciting new features and the much-anticipated addition of the Tournament function. This event invites DeRace players to participate in nine tournaments covering different surfaces and distances. Providing the opportunity to enjoy the track and win significant prizes.

The tournament introduces an interesting twist by segmenting it into three categories to ensure a competitive and balanced environment. It will hold three tournaments in the Gen 0 category for rare Gen 0 horses on Turf 2F, Synthetic 9F, and Dirt 15F. Additionally, it has scheduled three tournaments for Gen 1 horses on Turf 15F, Synthetic 2F, and Dirt 9F for the Gen 1 category. Additionally, the Under 500 Club category will feature three tournaments for horses with fewer than 500 races on Turf 9F, Synthetic 15F, and Dirt 2F.

DeRace Offers Grand Prizes for Winners

The prizes for the champions are impressive, with the first-place winner receiving 50% of the DERC entry fee pool, 80 $USDC, Opie NFT, and the coveted DERCember Cup Trophy. The second and third-place winners will also be rewarded with percentages of the entry fee pool and exclusive NFTs, while the fourth to sixth-place winners will receive cash prizes and sugar cubes. Positions seventh to twelfth will also receive sugar cubes, among other surprises.

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The race schedule will be spread across three days, starting with registration opening on December 21 at 10 AM UTC. Races on Turf, Synthetic, and Dirt surfaces will take place on December 24, 25, and 26, respectively. Each tournament will consist of Qualifiers, Semifinals, and Finals, all in one day with short one-minute breaks between races.

Participation is straightforward. The entry fee is 10 $DERC per tournament. Each stage will have three rounds with short one-minute breaks between races. Horses with the best average times will automatically advance to the next stage. Real-time updates will keep participants informed about rankings.

This event stands out for its inclusive approach, allowing participants to simultaneously register their horses in multiple tournaments

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